A podcast that explores what it means to work with purpose by interviewing people who are working for more than just a paycheck.

Are you in corporate America grinding away the weeks as you watch the years fly by? Do you have that voice in your head that’s asking for something more? But you shouldn’t complain, right? You’ve got a good job, good pay, good benefits. There’s people out there that would kill for a job like that. But that little voice just won’t go away.

I’m your host Gino. And as an ex 9-5er I know that feeling all too well. I worked in corporate for 6 years before I finally decided to walk away, choosing to live my life a little differently. And since then, I’ve met some pretty amazing people who do work that positively impacts the people around them, their communities, and the world. This podcast exists to share their stories, and to help inspire you to do the same. Leave that job that you hate and to start working towards your purpose.

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E28 The Power of Mushrooms: Nourishing Purpose and Well-Being with Patrick Blanchette

From selling insurance to learning how to grow mushrooms, Patrick Blanchette has found purpose in his work.  He is founder of Union City Farms, a gourmet mushroom farm...

E27 Meditation, Purpose, and Positivity with Kobéy Smith

Are you someone who think's they can't meditate? If you are, you better tune in to this episode with Kobéy Smith.  As someone who used to believe the same, Kobéy might...

E26 Creating a Yoga and Wellness Festival with Allie O'Kane

This summer, the powder ridge mountain of Connecticut will be the home of the first annual Transcend yoga and wellness Festival, and today I sat down with Allie O'kane...

E25 Exploring My Purpose: Reflecting and Embracing Authenticity

Today I reflect on the one year anniversary of the podcast and the 3rd year anniversary of me deciding to leave the corporate life.  I talk a little bit about my journ...

E24 Finding Purpose by Listening to Your Heart with Genevieve Piturro

In this episode I spoke with author, speaker, founder of the nonprofit Pajama Program, and someone who was featured on Oprah, Genevieve Piturro.  I was so inspired by ...

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